What is Ghostwriting and What does a Ghost Writer do?

Learn Exactly What Ghost Writers Do and Why

A ghost writer writes a book specific to the client’s request.  Once the final project is complete, the ghost writer hands over the reins to the client.  The client then owns the work and can do with it as they please.  The client owns all rights and the ghostwriter is out of the picture completely.

Ghostwriters love to write.  Their clients may or may not.  A published client who loves to write may wish to add to their portfolio quicker or perhaps have gotten behind and needs help catching up.

Clients who hate to write may have great ideas or want to build a small business blogging or selling books. They want to focus on the business side more and outsource the busy work to a more capable person.

A Ghost Writer is all about Helping the Author

Ghostwriting is all about helping the client achieve their goals.  It takes a great listener and someone who understands the industry to come through for a client.  Is the client’s goal to rank for a specific keyword for a better listing position on their site?  If so, the ghostwriter needs to use scraping tools to find high relevant, high volume and low competition words to break through the ghost writerranking system.

Is the client looking to sell their book on a retail location like Amazon?  If so, the ghostwriter needs to understand the market for the genre and category, positioning the book to stand out and generate sales to help rank it.

Here at we also offer marketing after the book is complete to help generate activity and sales.  We have several useful addon services, including reviews that follow Amazon’s terms of service.

Ghostwriting Is All About the Team

Ghostwriting is about the team work, especially for larger projects.  It’s common to have one main writer and one or two researchers.  High-quality data needs to come in quickly to keep the writer typing.  Market details need to come in for direction should the book take a turn to fill a demand in a niche, or follow another direction.  If there’s an issue with a client’s direction, the agency needs to step in and work it out with the client. The process moves quickly and only an experienced team can pull it off.

Unique Content is Priority #1

Ghostwriting is a careful process.  On one hand, research needs to be made, and on the other, it can’t repeat information already on the market.  Many budget ghostwriters will copy or simply rewrite material to fit.  The danger is that Google, as well as Amazon, look for content that is already available and can deny or lower the rank of your account or material.  Before posting or selling anything, be sure to run the writing through your own copy program.  I recommend  You pay a few cents for peace of mind.

Do Ghostwriters Ever Wish They Were Getting the Credit?

ghost writerNo, most ghostwriters love the process and hate the other side of the business.  They hate marketing, they hate site building and monitoring their books.  They are passionate about the art and work of writing and have found a way to make a living doing it.  They don’t seek the fame of having a best seller or being the originator of a great idea.  They just love the process.

Ghost writers get to meet interesting people with big ideas they never thought to write about.  It’s a fantastic career.  They often research new material from the ground up.  They are literally getting paid to learn something new and exciting.

You can send a ghost writer outlines to work on, general ideas to expand on, or even audio recordings.  A ghost writer will work in any medium to get the job done.  Ghost writers often have vast networks around the industry, as well.  They know publishers (since they work for a lot of them), as well as editors and agents.  If you’re looking for help publishing, always ask the ghostwriter.  They can point you in the right direction for your book.

Freelancer vs Agency

It’s best to hire from an agency.  They can put your project in front of the writer with the best experience and passion for the subject.  The ghostwriter is accountable for the work, as is the agency.  You have two people that make a promise to deliver a great article or book.  You want the writing to convey confidence and quality.  A passionate writer comes out in the writing.  A ghostwriter just doing it for the money shows.  The ghost writer must catch the voice of the author.  They must write in the exact vision of the client.  Agencies are best for producing high-quality work.  Freelancers spend a lot of time spamming for work.  They write quickly so they can spam for work again.  An agency ghostwriter writes.  The agency does the marketing and client finding.

How Do Ghostwriters Get Paid?

The fee is based on a per word basis.  You would never get charged per page, since a page depends on font size, style and margins.  Both the client and the writer need to agree on a predetermined word count.  If the ghost writer goes over, that’s fine, but the original fee remains.  In some cases (mostly with publishers) there can be a contract set up where the ghostwriter gets a percentage of future sales.  This is rare and typically gets presented by a large publisher for memoir writing.  It’s a great way to keep the budget low at the start and focus more on marketing for the publisher. This is typically for books that are projected to sell a million or more copies.

Publishers use ghostwriters because they know they can rely on them to come through and they often have several years of experience working with them.  A good publisher works with established, experienced ghostwriters and knows the writer will make every attempt to meet expectations while making the book fantastic.